P2P is Making a Difference in Lower Fairfield County

Serving residents of Stamford, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Weston, Westport and Wilton.

Meeting the immediate needs of families in crisis.

Providing a pathway out of poverty for people seeking long-term stability.

Toy Store Family

People face significant challenges on a daily basis.

  • A single parent working two jobs but still unable to make ends meet.
  • The family breadwinner who was injured on the job and now can’t work.
  • A widower struggling with medical bills who can’t pay the rent.

These are the people that Person-to-Person can help.

The Generosity of Donors and Volunteers Makes This Possible

More than 2,000 individuals, businesses, foundations, congregations, schools and community organizations support the P2P mission.

4,307 volunteers contribute 77,919 hours.

WHS Volunteer

Men, Women and Children Are Given Help, Hope and Opportunity

Person To Person Darien and Norwalk CT

In 2019, P2P provided food, clothing and financial assistance to 24,873 individuals, including 9,102 children.

  • Financial Assistance – $366,280 in emergency financial assistance was provided to 2,732 people in 1,111 households
  • Food Pantries – Groceries for 1,220,499 meals was provied to 12,815 people in 4,370 households
  • Clothing Center – 53,247 bags of free clothing provided to
    12,629 people in 3,732 households
  • Campership Program – 401 local children were provided a safe and
    enriching summer camp experience
  • College Scholarships – 104 students received scholarships to pursue
    higher education or vocational training

*Includes pass-through funds

Find out more about who we help and how you help make a difference in the lives of others.