Through the Praxair Global Giving Program, employees who volunteer time, talent or provide financial support to eligible non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit a grant request for consideration. As a result of the efforts of one such Praxair employee, P2P has received two grants totaling $10,000.

One of the grants will be applied to the area of greatest need while the other is being directed to the P2P Scholarship Program for the current academic year. “At P2P we help people in need of emergency assistance and we also provide opportunities for long-term stability and future success,” says P2P Executive Director Ceci Maher. “Through the P2P Scholarship Program, students from low-income households can realize the dream of a college education.”

Praxair has a demonstrated commitment to giving back to the community. Thousands of employees contribute their time and money to organizations and institutions that matter most to them and to the company and they increase the impact of their generosity by soliciting grants from the Global Giving Program.

On behalf of all the P2P clients who will benefit from these grants – from parents struggling to make ends meet to students who are the first in their families to attend college – we appreciate this thoughtfulness and generosity.