What would you do if one day you had to leave your home and everything you own to protect your children?

Like many women, Sophie never dreamed that her successful husband would turn violent. But after starting a family, he became increasingly dangerous. When he threatened one of their daughters, she knew she had to leave.

Living in a shelter and desperate to find a permanent home for herself and her two children, Sophie was able to find part-time work making minimum wage in a local grocery store. This limited employment was both a blessing and a curse: being employed meant there was some income, but it wasn’t enough to support her and her children or pay for her rent.

“I never expected to be in this situation.”

To get back on her feet, Sophie needed help.  She turned to Person-to-Person to get the help she and her family needed.  Help like emergency support: food, necessities, and financial assistance, to families on the brink. Thanks to our Food Pantries and Clothing Center, Sophie, and others like her, can feed and clothe their families. With the help of P2P caseworkers, Sophie can work on a budget to manage her bills.

Sophie is just one of many in Lower Fairfield County who come to P2P to ask for urgent assistance to help them get back on their feet.

That’s how you can help.

By making a gift to Person-to-Person, you make it possible to provide food, clothing, and financial assistance to individuals and families and those who are facing situational crises like Sophie’s.

Today, Sophie is working full-time and her daughters are in school. She is building a better future for herself and her girls.

“I thank you for helping me improve my life.”

This life-changing work wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Please take a moment to make your year-end gift today. With your support, P2P can continue to help transform lives, like Sophie’s, in our community, one person at a time.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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