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My name is Sandra and I am a single mother of two amazing kids – a toddler and an eight year old.

At times, life can be really challenging as a single mother. Even with a full-time job, it feels like a fight every day to stay afloat. When I asked my peers and friends what were the most difficult challenges and struggles they face, the most common remark was, “Not being able to make ends meet.” Truth is, a majority of us are still living paycheck to paycheck, and dealing with difficult emotions such as self-doubt, frustration, and fear. Are we going to make it? Is this the best thing for me? For my kids? We didn’t picture life to be so uneasy.

One thing is for sure – as a single mom, there is so much pressure because all of your kids support is solely on you. I never thought the overall picture was going to look like this. If you don’t have a supporting team around, things can be a lot harder for sure. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and Person-to-Person has become a big part of my village.

With your support, P2P can continue to provide critical resources to families like Sandra’s.

My caseworker at Person-to-Person has helped me so much. This winter, she assisted me with clothing and coats to keep my children and me warm. She helps us with food every month – I do not receive food stamps or any other food assistance, and with two growing kids, groceries can get really hard to afford. The food that we are able to select at the Person-to-Person food pantry keeps my kids fed through the month, and helps them stay focused at school.

Even when I fell behind on my rent last month, Person-to-Person was there to help. I am very grateful for my Person-to-Person family – all those who donate, and who volunteer their days and weekends to make sure every family, including mine, has warm clothes, fresh and healthy food options, and also emergency assistance when needed. You all are such a big help in our community.

I truly thank you for all that you do.


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