Person-to-Person CEO Nancy Coughlin Responds to the Verdicts in the Trial Over George Floyd’s Death

What do the verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial mean to you? For me, and all of us at Person-to-Person (P2P), the verdicts are a long overdue step in the right direction. Too many times, we have seen injustices toward people of color that are further compounded by a system that is designed to perpetuate racial inequity.

As Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison stated, “I would not call today’s verdict “justice”, however, because justice implies true restoration. But it is accountability, which is the first step towards justice. And now the cause of justice is in your hands. And when I say your hands, I mean the hands of the people of the United States.”

The cause of justice is in our hands.

Following the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968,  P2P’s founders sought to address the economic and racial injustices of the time by initiating meaningful dialogue as well as offering economic assistance to those facing systemic barriers.

While we can’t make laws or change the national dialogue, we can have an impact in our immediate community. We can treat every individual we meet with the dignity and respect they deserve, call out injustice wherever and whenever we see it, and encourage others to do the same.

The cause of justice is in our hands.

I ask you to think about this every day, in your interactions in your community. Will you help move justice forward, in how we treat each other, support each other, and stand up for each other?  Will you help bridge the divide that exists, to help create fair and equitable opportunities for people of color?

Let’s build a system and society that ends racial inequity. The cause of justice is in our hands.

Nancy Coughlin