Would you like a chance to potentially increase your employability, increase your income, increase your credit score, and increase your net worth? Then participate in P2P’s Financial Opportunity Center® (FOC).

Participating is easy. One of our trained Case Managers will walk you through the process.

FOCs are career and financial coaching service centers that help families living on a low to moderate income build sustaining careers and achieve financial success.  The program provides three integrated service pillars: employment coaching, one-on-one financial coaching, and income support services with a long-term commitment to helping you reach your goals.

Participation in P2P’s FOC provides case management support that includes:

  • Meeting with a caseworker to assess your needs
  • Engaging in income support coaching:
    • Increasing income by receiving available benefits for which you might be eligible
    • Guidance on how to apply for them

  • Engaging in financial coaching services:  
    • Gaining greater knowledge of your financial situation
    • Reviewing your budgets- income and expenses
    • Understanding the importance of credit and credit scores
    • Running and reviewing your credit score
    • Setting your financial goals
    • Reviewing your banking
    • Analyzing  your personal assets, retirement funds, etc.
  • Engaging in career coaching services:
    • Assessing employment needs and employability
    • Completing employment/career assessments
    • Discussing your employment goals
    • Exploring certification programs and training programs for your desired field
    • Creating or updating a resume for a job search
    • Applying for jobs

All of these services work together to potentially help increase your employability, income, credit score, and net worth. Our FOC coaches make a long-term commitment to you as you work towards achieving these financial goals.

Call P2P at (203) 655-0048, or email [email protected] for more information.