P2P Has Made a Difference in My Life

Though he didn’t know it as a young child, his family had always been helped by Person-to-Person. It was his mother who, when she saw him working so many hours to earn money to pay his college tuition, suggested that he apply for a P2P Scholarship.

“Starting out in community college, I had considered a variety of career-oriented majors, including computer science and interactive digital design; even law. Each one did not seem particularly fulfilling.

“When I was awarded the scholarship, it was very symbolic of hope to me. It empowered me to reach further for that vision I had. It made me feel as if people had faith in me and that opportunity was there for me.

“It also helped to focus my career goals. Because there were struggles and challenges that my family had faced, I knew I wanted to help people in similar situations. I started thinking about how I was going to ‘give back’.

“I transferred to Quinnipiac, which is the college I had always wanted to attend. My first day there, I thought ‘this is my opportunity; this is where I start my life’.”

He completed his undergraduate studies with a degree in psychology. He applied to and was accepted into the Master’s Program at Southern Connecticut State University, where he earned a Masters in Social Work degree in May 2014.

“I want to help communities. I want to shape and change policy.”

He knows this is possible, not only because of his academic credentials, but also because of the hope instilled in him when he was awarded the P2P Scholarship.

“I’ve been through a lot, but hope is something so powerful that it makes a person feel as if he can do anything. Thank you so much for the hope that you’ve given me.”