Volunteering is an act of generosity and kindness, making it a meaningful way to honor or remember a loved one. By becoming a ViHO volunteer, you can choose someone in your life you’d like to honor by volunteering your time in their name. Once you register, someone will reach out to you and based on your interest and availability, schedule a time and place for you to volunteer.

These P2P volunteers are honoring someone special through ViHO:


Volunteering in Honor of Her Grandchildren

Longtime P2P volunteer Fran volunteers in honor of her grandchildren. Fran taught all 7 of her grandchildren about service and caring for others at an early age. Her oldest grandchild Lindsey and youngest grandchild Rose have even volunteered at P2P. Fran learned the importance of helping those in need from her aunt who provided assistance to the homeless in New York City. Based on this experience, Fran said, “Service to others is much bigger than myself.” You can find Fran in the Darien Food Pantry bright and early 4 days a week stocking shelves and preparing bags of food for home delivery.


Volunteering in Honor of Harry Chapin

Fred, who has helped P2P for three years, volunteers in honor of singer-songwriter Harry Chapin. Fred was inspired by Chapin’s commitment to philanthropy. As he watched Chapin donate proceeds from his concerts to charitable causes, Fred decided he wanted to be like Harry and help those in need. In 1975, Chapin founded WhyHunger on the belief that access to nutritious food is a human right and hunger is a solvable problem in a world of abundance. Fred carries out Chapin’s legacy by volunteering regularly in both the Norwalk food pantry and Darien clothing center.


Volunteering in Honor of Her Mother

Marina is volunteering in honor of her mother Irina Evenshteyn who she describes as, “one of the most accepting, kind and giving people I know.” Irina was born and raised in the Soviet Union and although the concept of volunteering did not exist, Marina’s mother had the heart of a volunteer. “My mom was a very selfless person, always worked and cared for others more than about her needs,” said Marina. By volunteering weekly in the Stamford food pantry, Marina feels she has found a way to acknowledge her mother’s caring spirit. 


Volunteering in Honor of His Mom

Tommy, who is a 15-year-old high school student, volunteers in the Darien Food Pantry. The Stamford resident said he volunteers in honor of his mom because, “She does everything for me and it feels nice to give back to the community the same ways she gives to me.” Tommy volunteers at least 10 hours each school semester, primarily restocking shelves.

Who Will You Volunteer in Honor Of?

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